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Kids Book Summer Giveaway

I'm participating in a kids book summer giveaway with other award winning authors! There are a wide variety of kids books, which makes this giveaway special! Another reason this book giveaway is special is that the authors are from all over the globe! I think your child would love to read a couple of the books in this giveaway.

The kids book summer giveaway is hosted by BookFunnel which makes it easy for authors to share their ebook. Author James Warwood coordinated the book giveaway. Thank you James! Now, on to a bit about some of the books.


  1. Pippa Pennington wrote a book series about Sniffer the dog and troubles he gets into with his nose. Read my Goodreads review here.
  2. I just started reading R.F. Kristi's “Diary of a Snoopy Cat.” It's a very cute story about a cat who longs to be the best cat detective around. The characters are clearly defined and the story line is building as I read.
  3. Other books on my list to read are: James Minter's “Billy Gets Bullied” and Rae Knightly's “Ben Archer and the Cosmic Fall.”

Besides the books in this giveaway, I also read “Can I Touch Your Hair,” by Irene Latham and Charles Waters. This is a great book to have in your library. You can read my Amazon review here.

What do you think? Are there any good children's books you've read lately?

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Book Review: “Viva Rose,” by Susan Krawitz

I've started working again with my wonderful editor, Susan Krawitz on my 2nd children's book, “Victoria and Dash Find True Love.” Susan is a great editor and gave my Buzzy book the flow and consistency it needed. She mentioned to me that she wrote a children's book, “Viva Rose,” about a jewish girl from El Paso, Texas. I thought, “My god daughter would love this book!” So I sent it and the following is her review of the book.

This book is wonderful, small summary, NO SPOILERS: Roses brother Abe, left El Paso saying he was moving to live in Brooklyn, but one day Rose discovers the truth on the daily news paper that is titled the “South Western Scorage” and guess who is on the picture in the photo no other than Abe!!!! Of course Rose is very annoyed about this lie he told his family. She is determined to find him!! This book is a great read and I would recommend it 100% this is by far one of the best books I have ever read!! Love this book ???? !!!! – Windle, 12 years old

Do you have a great children's book you've recently read and would like to review? Contact me for more information.

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