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Operation StoryTime: Dolley Madison and her Parrot

“Wackiest White House Pets,” by Gibbs Davis

For today's #OperationStoryTime, I read a chapter from the book, “Wackiest White House Pets,” by Gibbs Davis. Many U.S. Presidents had pets in the White House including our 5th President, John Quincy Adams and his pet alligator. The chapter today details 4th President James Madison, his wife, Dolley and their pet parrot.


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Operation StoryTime: “Wackiest White House Pets”

For today's #OperationStoryTime, I'm reading “Wackiest White House Pets,” by Gibbs Davis and illustrated by David A. Johnson. It's a very cute picture book that details various pets that were housed in the White House. There was Thomas Jefferson and his grizzly bears, John Quincy Adams and his alligator who lived in the White House's East room and James Buchanan who was given a herd of elephants as a gift!

But today I'm reading about our first president, George Washington who was an expert horseman and had some favorite horses as pets. Listen to what he would do with his horses!

What did you think of this story? Do you love history? What US President would you like to learn more about? Please comment below.

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Operation StoryTime: “Alexander Graham Bell Answers the Call,” by Mary Ann Fraser (storytime reading for ages 5-8)

Today my storytime reading is the book, “Alexander Graham Bell Answers the Call,” by Mary Ann Fraser. I've become very interested in Alexander Graham Bell and decided to write my next book about him and his dog, Trouve. Bell was a great thinker, living in a time when new inventions came out into the world almost daily. He was curious about life since he was born, always questioning why things worked the way they do. He especially was interested in sound. His father was an “eloqutionist” which is like a speech therapist today and his mother was almost deaf. It's interesting that the man who is credited with inventing the telephone was really interested in helping the deaf!

This book is realistic non-fiction and tells the story of Bell, his thoughts, interests and finding an improvement to the telegraph (sending messages, not a voice, over a wire). The illustrations are great and Mary Ann Fraser has written a good story. Let me know what you think about “Alexander Graham Bell Answers the Call” storytime book reading in the comments below. Enjoy!

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Operation StoryTime: Sky High: George Ferris’s Big Wheel

During this rough time in our lives, many authors are reading their books or other books online. We are recording these for parents to access and use in their daytime “homeschooling” of their kids. I decided to do the same. My interest has always been history and I've collected a number of history related books for the younger audience.

Today, I'm reading “Sky High: George Ferris's Big Wheel” written by Monica Kulling and illustrated by Gene Barretta. This beginning reader tells the story of George Ferris and his fascination with wheels. He grew up to be an engineer and ended up designing and building the biggest “wheel” there was!

If you'd like to buy this book, click on this link for the Amazon page. Click this link if you'd like to buy my Buzzy book and this link for Dash.

Let me know what you think of this story by commenting below. Enjoy!

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