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Reviews for Dash and Victoria

"Dash and Victoria Find True Love is a charming early reader that brings warmth to common fears and jealousies through the historical story of a beloved queen and her cherished dog." --Foreword Reviews

From Amazon:

 "I really enjoyed this book. It has the perfect combination of history and fiction. Enough to keep the children wanting to read while learning at the same time. A yes in my book."

"Vicki Tashman does a great job of introducing new words and explaining spelling differences with definitions and explanations throughout the book. She tells the story in a way that young children can understand. She also includes a section of various facts about Queen Victoria at the close of the book. Wendy All’s colorful illustrations compliment the text well."

"My children and I enjoyed how both Dash and Queen Victoria ultimately learn to open their hearts and find fulfillment. This book embeds lots of little history lessons, entertaining for both young and old alike. The illustrations are charming and whimsical, and Queen Victoria’s actual sketch of her beloved Dash is an added bonus. I can imagine this book being a hit with young readers, parents, teachers, librarians, animal lovers, and fans of historical fiction. These books will undoubtedly spark great discussions and inspire children to write stories of their own. My children are already speculating about the next historical figures to be featured in Tashman’s books, and we hope that she has many more for years to come!"

"As a Volunteer assisting my local school's Kindergarten teacher, l know "Dash" will appeal to the wonderful curiosity and imagination of these children. A 5-Star read, to be sure."