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Operation StoryTime: “Alexander Graham Bell Answers the Call,” by Mary Ann Fraser (storytime reading for ages 5-8)

Today my storytime reading is the book, “Alexander Graham Bell Answers the Call,” by Mary Ann Fraser. I've become very interested in Alexander Graham Bell and decided to write my next book about him and his dog, Trouve. Bell was a great thinker, living in a time when new inventions came out into the world almost daily. He was curious about life since he was born, always questioning why things worked the way they do. He especially was interested in sound. His father was an “eloqutionist” which is like a speech therapist today and his mother was almost deaf. It's interesting that the man who is credited with inventing the telephone was really interested in helping the deaf!

This book is realistic non-fiction and tells the story of Bell, his thoughts, interests and finding an improvement to the telegraph (sending messages, not a voice, over a wire). The illustrations are great and Mary Ann Fraser has written a good story. Let me know what you think about “Alexander Graham Bell Answers the Call” storytime book reading in the comments below. Enjoy!

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